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Morgendugg is the name of a new project from Norwegian beat sorcerer Dennis Jr., presenting both a continuation and a fresh start to his expressive dance music explorations. Music-making since the early nineties, Dennis Jr. previously released tunes through the cult favorite Jazid Collective label and Norwegian stalwart Beatservice Records in addition to a string of well-received EPs through his own Akustikk Recordings imprint. With a background as a drummer, Dennis Jr.’s music has a strong rhythm focus. His tracks are grounded in syncopated, percussive beats, with layers of sparse and moody electronics. Style-wise, his music spans across the genre-scape, from dub via nu-jazz and nu-soul to future/cosmic disco and house.


The Morgendugg moniker has been a revelation for Dennis Jr., as the transformation allows a clean slate and no critical expectations. Dennis has found this to be freeing, and his new music exhibits the vibrancy and expression of a refueled creative spirit. As for the name, it translates to 'morning dew' and Dennis has thoughtfully chosen this for his project. He says, "To me it is kind of symbolic in a melancholic way. Because at the same time there is silence … 

people are waking up for the day and starting their lives, so it's a meaningful moment." 

Another thread tying together the sound of Morgendugg is found in the heartbeat of house music. "Behind this simple beat is the idea of accepting each other regardless of who you are, or where you come from," says Dennis. "This beat is directly related to the rhythm of your heart. It reminds us that we are just the same, sharing mother Earth." But the music itself is a captivating amalgamation of styles … one can certainly hear the influence of jazz, funk, world music, and even Krautrock within Morgendugg's aural stew. This makes for an enticing and intelligent mixture that can be both groovy for the dance floor and refreshing for the head and soul. 

Whether through his exploits as a DJ or as a producer, there is much to appreciate and anticipate from Morgendugg. This exciting new project promises to surprise and excite, and to keep the universal heartbeat pumping, one funky drum loop at a time. 

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